Mandalay Coffee Group Co., Ltd.

31 Jan
Mandalay Coffee Group Co., Ltd.
About Mandalay Coffee Group Co., Ltd.

Mandalay Coffee Group buys ripe cherry from smallholder and estate farmers in different regions of Myanmar. We process that cherry in both washed and dry natural methods, and sell high-quality green bean to roasters both domestically and overseas. MCG runs the largest specialty-focused coffee mill in Myanmar.

We also connect Myanmar’s smallholder and estate producers to specialty coffee buyers worldwide through our dry milling and exporting services.

MCG is an active supporter of the Myanmar Coffee Association, a non-profit group formed to advance the national coffee industry.

Main Products and Services

We sell green (unroasted) coffee inside Myanmar and throughout the world, with export experience to 13 nations. We can also provide roasted coffee on special order. MCG is the national distributor for Ecotact brand hermetically sealed plastic bags, and high quality food-grade jute bags manufactured in India.

Company Products and Services
green coffee
jute bags
Ecotact bags
roasted coffee
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