Panel Discussion


PANEL DISCUSSION - November 7, 2019 - 9:00-12:30

A Panel Discussion will discuss the key issues for innovation in the processed food industry with two outstanding points (product and marketing) under the Lancang – Mekong region context. It will be organized on the first day of the event and is structured as below:


  • Key discussion points:
    Trends in innovation in products and packaging in the food processing industry; Concerns about obesity (i.e. sugar content in processed food), impact of processed food on health (e.g. sugar substitutes) concerning about meat industry (i.e. treatment of animals), disruptive innovation led by startups in areas such as plant-based proteins, personalized nutrition and food technology (e.g. in packaging or labeling), aesthetics applied to packaging design of food and drink, etc.
  • Supported questions:
    o How can the latest innovation contribute to the development of product which is more environmentally friendly and sustainable?
    o In addition to capital and markets, how should we improve product performance which concerned most by consumers?
    o How to design processed food products based on customer preferences?
    o How to use science rather than experience to make the product quality more stable?

3 Subtopics – 15 mins/each + 15 mins Q&A: approx

• Policy Issues on Food Safety and Possible Challenges in the Lancang Mekong region [PDF Presentation]
• Processed food sector emerging trends and opportunities [PDF Presentation]
• Lancang-Mekong megatrends in the emerging new generation of processed food industry [PDF Presentation]

Moderator: Dr. Watcharas Leelawath – Executive Director of Mekong Institute

• Ms. Ratna Devi Nadarajan – Program Specialist – Agricultural Development and Commercialization (ADC) Department – Mekong Institute
• Mr. Nguyen Van Nguyen – Director of Research Center for Aqua-Feed Nutrition and Fishery Post-Harvest Technology
• Dr. Akeanong Jangbua – Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Food Innopolis


  • Key discussion points:
    Intelligent marketing in processed food industry (i.e. Digital Marketing), the current and future use cases of computer vision in Retail (i.e. digital transformation in retail and online firms), omni-channel marketing (i.e. retail ecosystem), the revolution of retailers supported food processing industry, etc.
  • Supported questions:
    o How Could Digital Marketing Establish “Transparent Supply Chain”?
    o How has emerging trend of e-commerce marketing impacted the processed food industry?
    o What challenges will be faced by processed food companies when they try to sell products by agency? How to overcome these challenges?
    o How to exploit the rising demand of processed food business and let innovation truly flourish?
    o What are the companies doing to create or support a successful omnichannel user experience?

3 Subtopics – 15 mins/each + 15 mins Q&A: approx

• Product Innovation and development challenges in processed food sector [PDF Presentation]
• Marketing Innovation in processed-food sector [PDF Presentation]
• Packaging Innovation for Processed Food Industry [PDF Presentation]

Moderator: Mr. Madhurjya Kumar Dutta – Director – Trade and Investment Facilitation (TIF) Department of Mekong Institute (MI)

• Prof. Vo Tong Xuan – Deputy General Director – Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Engineering and post-harvest technology – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
• Mr. Sukrit Termsaithong – Food Industry Specialist – National Food Institute of Thailand
• Ms. Dinh Thi Tam – Deputy General Director – Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Engineering and post-harvest technology – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development


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