BUSINESS SEMINAR - November 15, 2018 - 8:30-14:00

We are bringing together experts, business leaders and entrepreneurs to share insights on the investment potentials in the processed food industry in the region, as well as innovation practices and success stories from leading companies, businesses and research and development (R&D) centers, and many more.

Seminar themes

OPENING SESSION [9:00-09:35 ]

  • Welcome and Opening Remark
    Dr. Watcharas Leelawath – Executive Director of Mekong Institute
  • Overview and Objective of Lancang-Mekong Business Forum 2018
    Mr. Madhurjya Kumar Dutta – Director – Trade and Investment Facilitation (TIF) Department of Mekong Institute (MI)
  • Keynote Speech: the power of innovation in agri-food industry
    Mr. Visit Limlurcha, President of Thai Food Processors’ Association/ Chairperson – Food Processing Industries Club – Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) (Download PDF file)

Our seminar keynote will tackle some of the essential issues in the agri-food industry including the value it brings to consumers through innovation, market forces that drive the innovation of agri-food companies, positioning multinational agri-food companies in local economies, and the investment prospects for the industry especially in the Lancang-Mekong region.


Session I will discuss key issues in agri-business and investment in the Lancang-Mekong region, as well as the current situation, threats and challenges for the processed food sector.

  • Policy issues on food safety and possible challenges in the Lancang-Mekong region
    Masami T. Takeuchi, Ph.D., Food Safety Officer – Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) (Download PDF file)
  • Processed food sector: emerging trends and opportunities
    Dr. Akeanong Jangbua, Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Food Innopolis (Download PDF file)
  • Issues on non-tariff measures in the processed food sector
    Dr. Ratna Devi Nadarajan, Program Specialist – Agricultural Development and Commercialization Department – Mekong Institute (Download PDF file)


Session II will present innovation ideas, success stories and cases in the processed food industry, showcasing some of the innovation outreach activities initiated by leading companies and R&D centers.

  • Product innovation: innovation ideas and development challenges in agri-food
    Mr. Yongvut Saovapruk, President of National Food Institute (Download PDF file)
  • Marketing innovation in the processed food sector
    Mr. Thirach Rungruangkanokkul, Executive Director of Agricultural and Food Marketing Association for Asia and the Pacific (AFMA) (Download PDF file)
  • InnoPack: package industry revolution in agri-food product
    Dr. Pattra Maneesin, Director of Thai Packaging Centre (TPC) (Download PDF file)

CLOSING SESSION [12:25-12:40]

  • Concluding Remarks of the Forum
    Dr. Watcharas Leelawath – Executive Director of Mekong Institute


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