Mr. Ky Seng Hoir

    Mr. Ky Seng Hoir

    Representative of Ung Sok Try (UST) Plastic Bottle Manufacturer




      I am Ky Seng Hoir, Compliance Director for Ung Sok Try Plastic Manufacturer. I graduated Master Degree on Business and Human Resource from Burapha University of Thailand. After graduated I joined the following jobs such as Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia, Ministry of Industry Mines and Energy, Ministry of Industry and Handicraft, and currently job is Compliance Director for UST.

      Thus, I really appreciated my current job because I have a good chance join to save the global from pollution through plastic recycling. In the future I wish to join all activities and business to minimize the plastic waste into the environment and increase plastic recycle processing.

      I expect to get more business partners and cooperation from the business forum which will held on 30th March 2022 to promote my company by persuade the food and beverage producers to use the recycle product and collect those plastic waste back for recycle processing.