Ms. Kunthy So

    Ms. Kunthy So

    Representative of Ung Sok Try (UST) Plastic Bottle Manufacturer




      I am Kunthy So. I graduated Master Degree. My major is community development.  Since 2014, when I started working together on developing Khmer Moringa Manufacturing’s Moringa business. I have experience whether I could provide any advice to grow the business.  What has started as a small work for a local SME and has quickly developed into a continuing business development.  From the very beginning, I have supported and very committed businessperson at the same calmly pursuing the expansion of my business but never forgetting the social responsibility and always ensuring I can give back the local communities where I worked.  My own company is now Moringa Khmer Agricultural and Biotechnology Co. Ltd. has grown beyond Moringa, and we are now jointly exploring expanding collaboration.

      I am happy and I feel privileged having a business which is concerned about economic and social development. My spirit is reflected also in the, mostly female staff working at my own company. I am always quickly learning about market demands and opportunities for business, however, never forgetting the needs of the rural producers and suppliers.  Encouraging and supporting rural farming communities is remarkable and strong focused attention to my business concept that could help contribution to community development via enabling rural women to gain appropriate job based on their skill and resource.

      Active participation of women in agricultural food processing will be highlighted in the 2022. BY WOMEN, FOR WOMEN!!!