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Our factory is based in rural area where there are plenty cashew tree plantations, rubber plantations, pepper plantations, mango plantations, rice fields and other fruit trees. 90% of the area’s population do organic agriculture.

We buy Raw Cashew Nuts from collectors and farmers then we process with machines and refine into edible Kernel for sale in bulk and any quantity. We are trying to do cross border e-Commerce by trying to position our products into e-commerce via the appearances in online platform BUT WE ARE LIMITED BY CAPACITY, EITHER BY HUMAN RESOURCE OR OTHER FACTORS. We want to improve agriculture value chain and logistic between (1) our buyers, (2) our factory and (3) all farmers in Cambodia via e-commerce, financing and technologies.

When we could reach better market, we can process further into other forms of cashew products for market needs and value improvement that in return improve livelihoods of our farmer and labours (better pay and better rural economic growth).

Main Products and Services

We have a range of products for sale in various sizes of kernel (big, medium, small, split, pieces), in various colours brown with skin or white without skin, and processing states of whether white whole, scorched, dessert. We also sell our by-product (cashew nutshells) to other industries for further processing to produce Cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) or cashew shell oil and for developing drugs, antioxidants, fungicides, and biomaterials.

Company Products and Services
Cashwenut, roasted cashewnut, cashewnut kernel, cashewnut shells
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